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Site activity updates: 29/1/18

1. Olive park 1- Clearing works ongoing.

2.Cornerstone Estate – Clearing works ongoing, mapping-out to resume this new week Fence work ongoing.

3.Trinity Garden 2- Clearing works ongoing, mapping- out to resume this new week

4.Open Heavens- Clearing works ongoing, mapping-out to resume this new week.

5.PHPAC Extension – Clearing works ongoing.

6.Tehilla Gardens Lagos – Fence work ongoing, clearing work ongoing, mapping out to resume there by Tuesday.

7.Oakwood Gardens Phase 1 – internal earth roadworks ongoing, Frontal fence finishing work has commenced.

8.Paradise Gardens – Allocation Ongoing

9.Folkland I –¬†Clearing work ongoing

10. Physical Allocation ongoing in the following schemes: Trinity Gardens 1 & 2, Legacy 1, Paradise Gardens, OGE1 & 2, Lekki Villa 1 & 2.

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