Pwan Homes Ltd Corporate Social Responsibility Enters Another Gear

The prominent Real Estate Company, PWAN HOMES Limited on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 inaugurates the renovation of Ogbeni street, Thera Annex road in attendance of notable dignitaries; The Chairman of Ogbeni street; Chief Isreal Udoirabuchi, The Chairman of Ogombo; Alhaji Samad Ogunbore, Eti-Osa Local Government Representatives; Mr. Ahmed Musiliu and Mr. Michael Odukoya, the contractors; Folkland Property Development Company Limited, Pastor Okey Nwachie, Reverend Olukayode of Four Square, and many more.


According to the Chairman of Ogbeni street, Chief Isreal Udoirabuchi, Pastor Olukayode, and many other residents who have stayed long in the vicinity, the renovated road was once a footpath that only few could pass at a time, but today, PWAN HOMES have not only contributed to the development of the street, but also contributed to the accessibility and beauty of the street.

“It’s a laudable effort. We are excited and we thank God for the great project; God used the entity to blaze the trail. It’s been a burden to us that are residents here but God has lifted that burden. PWAN has challenged us to continue from where they stopped” Chief Isreal Udoirabuchi, the Chairman of Thera annex estate expresses gratitude.

The man of God, Pastor Okey Nwachie who also witnessed the inauguration of the renovated road of Ogbeni Street Thera annex estate enlightens the public on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility activities and how imperative it is for competent corporations like PWAN HOMES to impact blessing on their environments

“It is an act of magnanimity initiated and inspired by the Holy Spirit on PWAN HOMES. It’s a CSR project in terms of the fact that we understand that there is a blessing in the blessing. The principle of Corporate Social Responsibility defines it that God has blessed you as a corporation, it is imperative for you to allow that blessing to have impact on your environment. In doing that, you will impact your environment, inspire your employees and leave a great legacy; this is what PWAN HOMES has done and we applaud them for that”

The Chairman of the reputable real estate company, Mr. Austine Onwumere commends the residents and the Okada riders for their patience and support to join hands together in making the project a successful one.

“I want to thank you all for the opportunity you have given to us to serve. What we did here is service. It is not glory to any man. We refuse to take the glory. We give it to God almighty in heaven. I want to thank you all for your patience, support, freedom given to carry out this work, for the inconvenience the project might have caused you for the past 3 weeks, for the resilience that you withstood and took other bad roads to come out from this environment, once more I want to say thank you for coming here to grace this occasion. We all did it together”, the Chairman is who is known for his humility applauds all.

The ever amiable woman of substance, the Managing Director of PWAN HOMES LTD added;

“The Lord brought us to Ogbeni street, thera annex in 2014. From every stage, we have enjoyed tremendous grace of God. In ogbeni street, we have enjoyed peace. The community people, landowners, the residents, the okada riders are very peaceful people. I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone for welcoming us into your community.

I want to thank the people of Ogombo, the people and Chairman of Ogbeni street, Folkland ltd, Pwan homes ltd, the Consultants, and every other people that made this project a successful one. No omo-onile or any obstructor came to obstruct the ongoing work. Throughout the construction, it was peaceful. So I thank everyone. We appreciate you all” she said.

The inauguration of the road was also graced by the presence of Mr. Ahmed Musiliu and Mr. Michael odukoya, the representatives of Works and Housing department, Eti-Osa Local Government. Mr. Michael Odukoya commends PWAN HOMES for the great job.

“PWAN HOMES did a very good job. We really appreciate this good work. We commend your efforts on this very one. On behalf of Works and Housing department, Oti-Osa Local government, we all say thank you to PWAN HOMES”

In the history of Thera annex estate, PWAN HOMES sets an indelible legacy, a legacy in fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility in which other entities should learn from. According to the Representative of Ogombo Community, Alhaji Samad Ogunbore, It’s an historical impact.

“PWAN HOMES’ contribution to the development of this community is unique. The almighty Allah will reward PWAN HOMES accordingly. We are the first beneficiaries. I want to use this medium to motivate other people who are in position and who have the opportunity to support people; it’s a way of giving back to people. What PWAN HOMES did is what we expect from other people who have the strength and grace to do it. PWAN HOMES has set an historical record. We should not be selfish amongst ourselves; we should help ourselves. I want other people to learn from PWAN HOMES. We really appreciate this great project”

Reverend Olukayode of Foursquare Church extols PWAN HOMES for the obedience of God’s direction and inspiration.

“I must appreciate God for PWAN HOMES. It’s one thing for God to speak; it’s another thing for people to hear and to respond. This place was a footpath, and look at it today, it’s great. We thank God for using PWAN HOMES in our community. We pray that God we multiply PWAN HOMES more and more in Jesus name”

The representative of Okada riders expressed in ecstacy that PWAN HOMES just solved one of their daily problems as okada riders; he cited occurrences where there had been bike accidents due to the bad road. “Such cannot happen anymore”, he said.

“We really appreciate what PWAN did. It wasn’t easy for us plying the bad road every day. Though it wasn’t easy for us since they started the work because we could not work but now that they are through, it’s worth the wait and we have started enjoying it. We say thank you to PWAN HOMES” he added.

The General Manager of PWAN HOMES, Mr. Chijioke Ugenyi also extends gratitude to God, the people of Thera annex estate, and every other people who have in one way or the other contributed to the execution of the project.

“We thank God almighty for this big event, and we also thank the people of this community, the okada riders and many more. We appreciate their cooperation. It’s not easy to close an estate for 3 weeks without any opposition. It was as if God spoke to everyone, and everyone concurred. To prove God’s intervention, rain didn’t fall throughout the project execution. So we really thank God and the people involved for their cooperation”.


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